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Electronic valves are the future. Our smart control valves are used in all facets of fluid management such as drinking water, heating, ventilation, and cooling. Dead-space-free fixtures and ceramic cartridges from Flühs guarantee maximum hygiene and durability. Smart electronics and integrated sensors make our solutions one of a kind. Plus, in combination with hywise, they can be monitored and managed from anywhere.

TLC Flow H1
TLC Flow H1

The continuous flow valve


TLC Flow H1 is a compact, continuously adjustable flow valve. Equipped with a high-quality ceramic cartridge from Flühs, it meets the strictest hygiene requirements thanks to its dead-space-free design. Maintenance-intensive dirt filters are no longer required.

Integrated Li-Fi enables the water flow of a fixture to be adjusted directly and linearly. TLC Flow H1 shines wherever hygiene, reliability, and efficiency are the top priority. Its wide range of applications include hands-free bathroom sink fixtures and self-closing fixtures, heating and cooling networks, and every kind of linear fluid management. Working in tandem with a Cleanlevel sensor, TLC Flow H1 also serves as a compact all-in-one urinal control system. 

TLC Flow H1 can be controlled with a variety of sensors including standard commercially available IR sensors. Thanks to the integrated UART interface, TLC Flow H1 is also hywise-compatible.


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