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TLC Flow H2/H3

The Smart High-Performance Control Valves

TLC Flow H2 and H3 are high-performance control valves for all fluid management applications such as drinking water, heating and cooling. Thanks to our patent-pending Straight Through technology, the valves boast a minimal loss of pressure. While both H2 and H3 are equipped with integrated temperature sensors, H3 can also measure the flow rate and pressure, making the valve itself multifunctional. Alongside continuous adjustment of the flow between 0% and 100%, the valve can be used for a wide range of additional functions, including hot and cold water circulation, leakage finder, automatic safety switch-off, and consumption pattern logging. As with all TLC products, the valves are fitted with high-quality Flühs ceramic cartridges and comply with the strictest hygiene requirements thanks to their dead-space-free design.
In combination with hywise, TLC Flow H2 and H3 offer additional functions such as automatic hydraulic adjustment, leakage detection in the pipe network, and consumption pattern analysis, and can also issue warnings and alerts and provide documentation and external access for building management purposes.