Innovation & Technology Center

Oblamatik is the Innovation & Technology Center of Viega GmbH & Co. KG for digital and mechatronic components. With its inspiring working environment, the building offers plenty of space for the creation of new ideas and the testing and trialing of forward-looking technologies. The building is also one of the most modern of its kind in Switzerland.

Cutting-Edge Technology
From Graubunden

Internationally active in HVAC (heating-ventilation-air-conditioning-sanitary), Oblamatik develops integrated solutions for water and energy control in residential and commercial applications. Our solutions range from intelligent terminals to complete water and energy management systems. Our products feature intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and ensure maximum ease of use. They also offer hygienic, safety and environmental benefits.

Our vision is to constantly find new approaches and take the next innovative step. That is why the focus of our nearly 80 employees is clearly on innovation, research and development. Oblamatik has been recognized as one of the 100 most innovative Swiss companies.

Parent Company
Viega GmbH & Co. KG

Viega GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Attendorn (Germany), is a global family-owned company in the field of sanitary and heating technology with more than 4,700 employees worldwide. Viega is committed to the elementary important topics of the industry such as the preservation of drinking water quality or fire protection. But the company also sets standards in terms of design, for example with internationally leading products in pre-wall and drainage technology.


Teamfoto: Chris Ackle
Chris Ackle
Teamfoto: Corrado Aloise
Corrado Aloise
Teamfoto: Nisveta Avdic
Nisveta Avdic
Teamfoto: Nadija Avdic
Nadija Avdic
Teamfoto: Reto Bättig
Reto Bättig
Teamfoto: Doris Buchli
Doris Buchli
Teamfoto: Werner Cajacob
Werner Cajacob
Teamfoto: Jairo Caluori
Jairo Caluori
Teamfoto: Jeanette Camenisch
Jeanette Camenisch
Teamfoto: Gilgames Camenisch
Gilgames Camenisch
Teamfoto: Patric Cathomas
Patric Cathomas
Teamfoto: Martin Caviezel
Martin Caviezel
Teamfoto: Jan Dohmann
Jan Dohmann
Teamfoto: Marcel Dort
Marcel Dort
Teamfoto: Doris Eberle
Doris Eberle
Teamfoto: Ali Esenli
Ali Esenli
Teamfoto: Nathanael Fellberius
Nathanael Fellberius
Teamfoto: Flavio Feuerstein
Flavio Feuerstein
Teamfoto: Christof Feurer
Christof Feurer
Teamfoto: Niculin Fürst
Niculin Fürst
Teamfoto: Nando Giovanoli
Nando Giovanoli
Teamfoto: Resi Guidon
Resi Guidon
Teamfoto: Hans Peter Hartmann
Hans Peter Hartmann
Teamfoto: Thomas Hochuli
Thomas Hochuli
Teamfoto: Tanja Jaeger
Tanja Jaeger
Teamfoto: Markus Juon
Markus Juon
Teamfoto: Thomas Kägi
Thomas Kägi
Teamfoto: Silvio Kindle
Silvio Kindle
Teamfoto: Richard Klingler
Richard Klingler
Teamfoto: Thomas Knupfer
Thomas Knupfer
Teamfoto: Daniel Knupfer
Daniel Knupfer
Teamfoto: Ferit Köprülü
Ferit Köprülü
Teamfoto: Mattias Lutz
Mattias Lutz
Teamfoto: Bernhard Machaczek
Bernhard Machaczek
Teamfoto: Frank Mänken
Frank Mänken
Teamfoto: Thomas Marty
Thomas Marty
Teamfoto: Michael Mettler
Michael Mettler
Teamfoto: Sergio Minniti
Sergio Minniti
Teamfoto: Beat Monstein
Beat Monstein
Teamfoto: Nikolina Mrkela
Nikolina Mrkela
Teamfoto: Safija Mutapcija
Safija Mutapcija
Teamfoto: Mika Ongarello
Mika Ongarello
Teamfoto: Thomas Portmann
Thomas Portmann
Teamfoto: Samuel Reichmuth
Samuel Reichmuth
Teamfoto: Kevin Richle
Kevin Richle
Teamfoto: Eric Robinson
Eric Robinson
Teamfoto: Michael Rüegg
Michael Rüegg
Teamfoto: Thomas Rufer
Thomas Rufer
Teamfoto: Tiziana Scandella
Tiziana Scandella
Teamfoto: Pascal Schneider
Pascal Schneider
Teamfoto: Fabio Sciamanna
Fabio Sciamanna
Teamfoto: Claudia Stenger
Claudia Stenger
Teamfoto: Daniel Strebel
Daniel Strebel
Teamfoto: Shangievan Suriyakumar
Shangievan Suriyakumar
Teamfoto: Adrian Täschler
Adrian Täschler
Teamfoto: Jonas Trepp
Jonas Trepp
Teamfoto: Kevin Tschan
Kevin Tschan
Teamfoto: Raphael Valär
Raphael Valär
Teamfoto: Tobias Vogel
Tobias Vogel
Teamfoto: Felix Von Burg
Felix Von Burg
Teamfoto: Daniela Willi
Daniela Willi

Building Concept
As homely as at home

For innovation to happen, we needed creativity. And creativity needs a relaxed mind. Therefore, our employees required a working environment they could feel comfortable in. Everyone has different needs. The innovation and technology center meets these needs by offering various work and relaxation zones: quiet spaces for working alone and as a team, meeting rooms, resting rooms, a library, a workout room, and its own restaurant.

Throughout the building, one-third of the space is available for communication and recreation. The materials used – lots of wood, glass, and exposed concrete – create a homely, natural, and warm atmosphere. Cozy armchairs, stools, and sofas with different color schemes per floor further enhance this effect.

«Come home to work» is the credo. The main goal of the Oblamatik work environment is to promote communication and collaboration so that new things can emerge.