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In the twenty-first century, online shopping, keeping in touch with friends via social networks, reading newspapers on the Internet, and tracking our physical activity with our smartphone have all become the norm. However, when it comes to bringing water systems online, real-world use still lags behind the available technology. That’s precisely where we come in – with hywise, our digital water management system.

hywise Air, AirCon, WireCon

The interfaces


The hywise Air, AirCon, and WireCon communication modules connect sensors and actuators to hywise Gateway. Depending on the model, the connection is made wirelessly or via CANopen. Thanks to mesh technology, each module serves automatically as a repeater, ensuring a secure and extensive network. 

Devices with a UART interface can be integrated into the water management system using hywise Air. This applies to each of our TLI and TLC products. In addition, establishing a point-to-point connection to a smartphone or tablet is also possible. 

Apart from the UART interface, hywise AirCon offers various inlets and outlets for reading sensors and controlling actuators. The integrated battery permits AirCon to transmit sensor data to places that are beyond the reach of cables. 

hywise WireCon has the same features as AirCon, except that the connection to hywise Gateway is established via CANopen. 


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