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Oblamatik is building a new innovations- and competence centre for 20 million CHF

10. November 2016

Oblamatik is planning a new complex in the west of Chur, Switzerland. The building will set new standards in work ergonomics and process flows. The goal of the expansion strategy is an innovations- and technology centre which will combine research, development, production and sales functions.

Oblamatik started shortly before the turn of the millenium as a 2-men start up, operating in the precision laser measurement sector. The two founders Roland Obrist and Edo Lang started working for the aviation and coating industry and quickly made a name for themselves in Switzerland and abroad. The introduction into the current competence of sanitary technology did occur by an off-chance, in other words over a not functional urinal flushing control. From that point on, the focus of the company changed and went into overdrive. Today, 40 team members ensure the company is the technological leader in the development of sensor technology for the global sanitary market.

With perseverance and innovation into the leading position
The road to the leading position was not always easy, explains the CEO Roland Obrist: „We do not improve existing technologies, we always search for new solutions“. Large investments and the courage to take risk were very important. The company holds dozens of international patents. „Besides our employees the patents are our most important capital and provide even more motivation for additional innovations.“, says Obrist. Thanks to various offices in the local and state governments, including economy and tourism, they made it possible to get a start. From the beginning they believed in Oblamatik and supported the company.

Chur the ideal location
Oblamatik considered different site options also outside Chur and the canton of Graubünden. Roland Obrist emphasized: The desicion for Chur was made, because the quick and unbureaucratic approach of the local goverments. In a constructive cooperation with the economic department of Chur an ideal site was found. The canton of Graubünden, above all the city of Chur, offers a high quality of life, which is important also outside of work. This is exactly what young and qualified specialists are looking for. 

60 new jobs will be created
Oblamatik wants to offer its employees a perfect surrounding for innovations and development. The building concept provides a combination of individual working stations and areas for team collaboration. A gym and special catering facilities are planned and ensure personal recovery for the employees. The project is designed and deliverd by Fanzun, a well-known local architectur- and engineer office. Investments of more than 20 Mio. CHF are planned. The new innovation- and competence centre is planed to be ready for occupation in spring 2019. Nevertheless, Roland Obrist has a great desire: „We need the best hardware- and software engineers. And not only us, I sincerely hope, that the local university HTW (University of Technology & Economy) in Chur will quickly expand courses into this

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